This is the official page of the website which meets the requirements of all Posted Meetings. Individuals should always refer to this page to view stamped-in Agendas for all upcoming meetings.

Except in an emergency, a public body shall post notice of every meeting at least 48 hours prior to such meeting, excluding Saturdays, Sundays and legal holidays. Remember: Town Hall is closed on Fridays. In an emergency, a public body shall post notice as soon as reasonably possible prior to such meeting. For further information on posted meetings, see Section 20 of the Open Meeting Law.

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08-16-22 Historical Commission

08-16-22 Board of Selectmen

08-17-22 Planning Board

08-22-22 Board of Health

08-23-22 Board of Registrars

08-23-22 Wrentham 350th Anniversary Committee